Hi! I’m Sunny B, a midwestern girl traveling the world. I write for those stricken with wanderlust and a deep need for self-care, helping them hone in on their intuition and break free of mental boundaries. Inspired by my own hardships, this blog is meant to be a safe place for all of us looking to learn how to live and not survive. Let’s see the world, see ourselves, and celebrate this journey called life.



Here’s a picture of me looking off into the distance at our future together.




Though I hear all the time that a jack of all trades is the master of none, I like to think that I am a master of me. Prior to travel/lifestyle blogging, I spent most of my time as a nanny, photographer, performer, brand consultant, and most recently DJ. My friends look to me as a mystic lady with my tarot cards, crystals, and natural remedies in tow. Best believe I will be incorporating all of these things into my posts, sis. But don’t worry, I’ll keep it nice and concise for ya.




This blog is for women who love catching flights, looking good, feeling well, and are learning to love themselves more and more each day. I’m not perfect and I never plan to be, but what I can offer are anecdotes filled with simple pleasures and lessons that have helped me grow along the way. I’m clumsy, messy, and sometimes petty, but all of that has kept life from being boring for sure. I hope you’re down to ride and it could get crazy, but it will always be fun!