Self-Care Sunday – I Slept in My Makeup

I am guilty of sleeping in my makeup more than I would like to admit. I actually suck at evening routines seeing that I typically burn all of my energy to the last drop. The bathroom is too far from my room, my bed is too comfy, and I’m most likely already in it. I know that it’s not right, but it’s okay. I am here with the lazy girl hack for that next morning when you finally decide to repent of last night’s mistakes.



Assess the Damage

First, I assess the damage. Do I have any new breakouts? Are my pores huge? Did most of it rub off on my pillow? Based on what your skin is looking like, you can decide which of these steps you want to omit or add to your morning after routine.



Oil Cleanse

Most likely, your first instinct is to wash your face vigorously. I have sensitive skin, so I would not choose that as my go to. You probably shouldn’t either. If you wash your face first, you’re going to be pushing the dirt and leftover makeup further into your pores. I recommend using an oil cleanser to lift all the dirt and debris out of your pores.  I know you’re probably thinking, “won’t the oil clog my pores further?” No! Because you’re going to rinse it off right away. Plus the oil helps to dissolve the mascara from your eyelashes without damaging them. I hate fussing with my eye makeup once it’s caked on. I’ve lost many a lash that way. (RIP). If you don’t have an oil cleanser, you can use any oil that won’t harm your face. Before I got this new DHC cleansing oil, I used coconut oil. Just be sure to rinse immediately.



Cleanse Cleanse

Now that you’ve rinsed the oil off, you’re ready to wash your face. I like to use a gentle cleanser which is my everyday Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This formula hasn’t failed me yet. I used to use Cetaphil, but I started to feel like it was drying my skin. Milky Jelly is also great for removing makeup if I had decided to take it off last night. Just put it on your dry face and it will start to break down all that makeup. In this instance, I use it on my wet face to clean up the oil and anything the oil might have missed.



Treat Yourself

I like to use a face mask to nourish and repair my skin after sleeping in my makeup. You’ll definitely need to assess the damage again in order to decide which route you want to go in. I tried this Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food and it is definitely more like a scrub than a mask. I wasn’t very fond of this one. It came in my Ipsy subscription box. I used it as a lip scrub another day and it worked brilliantly. I decided to go the diy route the next time I used this routine. Yogurt is a great base for soothing and hydrating the skin, and you can add so many ingredients to cater to your specific needs. I used yogurt, lemon, turmeric, and a couple drops of tea tree oil. I have one similar here. Just relax and let the mask do it’s work for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water to close your pores.



Moisturize and Leave it Alone

The last step is restoring that moisture barrier. There are a couple of different routes you can take to do this. You can either use an oil serum or toner and moisturizer. I have a diy oil serum that I use. I need to post about all of these diy things. I am so sorry you guys. I am slacking. It’s a combination of vitamin e, carrot seed, rosehip oil, and jasmine oils. Each of those has restorative properties that work well together in nourishing distressed skin. You can also purchase premade serums, and there are a few I’ve been wanting to try like, the Super Pure serum from Glossier and a few from Mullein and Sparrow. I’ll let you know how they fair once I give them a shot.



If I’m going the toner and moisturizer route, I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Rose and First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Creame. Once you’ve moisturized, leave your skin alone for a while. Don’t put makeup on right away if you can help it. Your skin should look pretty awesome after these steps, so maybe try just a brow, mascara, and a nice lip. Let that skin breathe!



Happy Sunday! Wishing you so much love and light. Hit me up with some of your go-to rescue routines.






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