Let’s Link #3

Check out this week’s links that I love from around the net.
  1. This 12-month self-care challenge is a great jumping off point for New Year’s resolutions.
  2. These self-care tips are sure to help you feel better right now.
  3. Hope Wiseman is the youngest Black dispensary owner in the United States. Yasss Queen.
  4. I love this comfy style guide from Mariannan.
  5. This DIY hanging planter is sure to brighten up your space for the winter months.
  6. Loved this piece on life in New York from Messyheads’ editor and creator Emma.
  7. I agree with all of these tips to wake up rejuvenated so much, I couldn’t have written it better.
  8. The most inspiring Ted Talks to get you ready for 2018.
  9. I just discovered this beauty writer’s blog and I love, That Grace Girl.

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