In the Rearview 001

These past few weeks have been filled with great laughs, delicious eats, and amazing company. I don’t want to keep singing the praises of Sagittarius season, but come on. I know I wasn’t the only person feeling that fire. Well, Mercury Retrograde is upon us, and we will be ducking for cover soon due to winter. It was fun while it lasted, folks.

Rello had an opening event for his new Vita Worldwide collection at Fat Tiger Workshop. I already told you in a previous post about how my wig fell off at the party. Still made for a pretty fun night. The rose punch that they were serving was so yummy that I didn’t even realize there were other drinks to try. That was my first time at the new store, and it is so aesthetically pleasing. Those guys definitely know what they’re doing.

Nini’s Deli is the most delicious breakfast/lunch spot in the whole world. The last two times I’ve gone, I showed up right when they’re sold out of everything except drinks and empanadas. This time I got a cortado, which gave me the best midday boost. I also had a chicken empanada. I was so sad that I didn’t leave in time to get the pozole they had on special. Spent too much time on my hair and makeup. 🙁

Chrissy and I decided to go to Chicken Shop to fill up on Chicken and Waffles. Still yummy, but not Nini’s.

My favorite place to get drinks currently is Punch House. I am a tequila girl, and they have a shot of tequila with a Tecate beer for $5. Plus, they make a specialty punch for $5 alongside their wide selection of other concoctions. The best part is at midnight when they feed the fish. Everyone crowds around the bar and chants this little saying about ships. I can never remember any of the words except, “but the best ships are FRIENDships!”  I always make sure to yell that part at the top of my lungs, because it’s TRUE!

This week was also my first time at Blind Barber. It looks like an old-school barbershop when you first walk in, but it turns into the cutest lounge when you walk through a speakeasy-esque door. We went to celebrate my friend Travis’ birthday. I ended up chatting with a girl I met in the bathroom for most of the night. I definitely could see myself spending my Sunday nights there to wind down from the weekend.

My goal for the New Year is to visit someplace new every month. Let’s see what else I can put in the rearview.




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