Friday Favorites – 6.2.17

Hey, guys! SO, Fridays are for my five favorite things. I’ll try my best to post every Friday with what I’m into at the moment. I stand behind these products, people, apps, and stuff. Check them out and enjoy!


Glossier Lip Gloss

courtesy of


This is definitely not your average gloss. My BFF Courtney stopped in the Glossier showroom in NY and got me some, but it is available online. It comes packaged in cute little pink bubble wrap, with a sheet of Glossier stickers. This gloss gives you optimum shine without feeling sticky, and it lasts for quite awhile so you don’t have to constantly reapply. It also conditions your lips, so say goodbye to your chapstick. I’ve been telling everyone I meet about this lipgloss. You MUST get you a tube ASAP.

The Astro Poets Twitter Page

Courtesy of Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov


Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov make up the Astro Poets. These two crack me up and always seem to get it right when it comes to the characteristics of zodiac signs. If you’re not following them on twitter, pick up your phone and do that now. They’re serving unconventional horoscopes with a lot of humor and pop culture tied in. Follow the link to their profile here.


Zebra Mildliners

courtesy of

I am a girl who is serious about her stationary. When I started bullet journaling, (I know I keep saying those words. I promise I will go into detail soon) everyone I followed used these beautiful highlighters. I hate the harsh neon colors of normal highlighters, and these give 0ff the right amount of vibrancy. They sort of give me a pastel vibe. You have to order them from Amazon or eBay because they’re actually Japanese. If you’re as into journaling as I am, you’ll want to purchase these.

Free Prints on the Shutterfly App

my prints from the Shutterfly app

When you download the Shutterfly app, you can get unlimited free prints. You do have to pay for shipping, but I got about 40 prints for $4. I plan on hanging these on my twinkly lights in my bedroom. I definitely will be ordering from them again. They offer a variety of print sizes and customizable items such as mugs and calendars. If you like tangible memorabilia, Shutterfly is perfect for saving moments places other than Instagram.


Converse Chuck II

courtesy of


I purchased two pairs of these Converse Chuck II’s after hearing so much about the revamped style. Nike recently bought Converse and they decided to take the classic shoe that we all know and love and make it comfortable. Because honestly, my feet are always sore after the first few minutes in my beloved Chuck Taylor’s. Nike fixed all of my issues with the sneaker. They added an insole with arch support, elastic bands to hold the tongue in place, and a thicker sole. I’ve worn mine almost every day and they’re still in great shape. If you’re a Converse lover like me, go and get you some. You won’t regret it.

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