Friday Faves: Fall Fashion Inspo – 11.03.17

With this swift change of weather and fall in full effect, I decided to focus on my fall fashion inspo for this Friday’s edition of faves. My favorite times to dress are by far the fall and spring. Those transitional seasons allow you to pull items from both your summer and winter wardrobe, and give them a little remix. I am obsessed with outerwear, boots, and layering so I am completely in my wheelhouse for the next month before Chicago decides to cover us with her blistering cold. I love you Windy, but please take your time. Here’s what I’m into:

❤︎ Flannel Forever. Plaid Pants. These two just scream fall.

❤︎ Low Waist Boyfriend Jeans & High Waist Mom Jeans.

❤︎ Metallics. I’m on the hunt for metallic boots and puffer coat.

❤︎ Rihanna got me inspired to start trying a fresh face with BOLD lips.

❤︎ Funky Colored Faux Fur.

❤︎ Satin and Silk Tops. My sheets are also satin currently. 🙂

❤︎ Oversized Men’s Shirts. Tie those babies in all types of cute cozy ways.

❤︎ Sheer Layers.

❤︎ OVER Accessorized Rings and Necklaces.

❤︎ Athletic Wear. Keep it cute and comfy.

❤︎ Shearling and Suede


Pictures: Pinterest

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