Friday Faves – 12.01.17

It’s Friday again, and I am back with my favorite things this week. Let me just say, I am having an amazing week here in Chicago. The weather has been overwhelmingly beautiful, which is so rare for this city in the month of November. Here it is, December 1st. The sun is still beaming high and it’s a comfortable 50 degrees. I do believe this is the first real fall I’ve ever experienced in Chicago. Life is good.

Fresh Eucalyptus

I went to Trader Joe’s for groceries and stumbled upon fresh eucalyptus. I consistently diffuse eucalyptus for the clarifying and uplifting effect it has on me. I struggle with minor respiratory issues, and unfortunately, my apartment isn’t well ventilated. I had a terrible chest congestion at the end of last week and diffusing eucalyptus helps to open up the airways with it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh eucalyptus is EVEN better. Plus, you just can’t beat fresh plants and flowers. Every time I walked into my room this week, my smile widened because the smell is just so heavenly. I put some in a pot by my bed and a few in my window seal. I also tied some around my shower head. The steam from your shower releases all those beneficial oils in the leaves. I’ll be singing the praises of eucalyptus for the rest of my life!

November Ipsy Box

So I have a confession, y’all. I am addicted to subscription boxes. I was just about to cancel my Ipsy subscription when they sent me my November box, but it was so cute and I ended up loving everything in it! Way to reel me back in guys. I am definitely going to stick around for December now.  They sent the cutest Slmissglam highlighter brush, and it works so well. I’ve been wearing the Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Quirky almost every day. When I don’t want to do my makeup, I just put a little on with Glossier Boy Brow and mascara. It’s long lasting and is incredibly easy to blend. I will be purchasing the Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray. I used it twice to set my makeup and I was so sad when it was gone! The sample was way too small, but I’m glad they exposed me to something I wouldn’t normally try! This box was a win for me all around.



Ca Phe Da in Pilsen
1800 1/2 S Carpenter St Chicago, IL 60608

OMG OMG, I am OBSESSED with this little cafe. It’s connected to one of Michelin’s 54 Bib Gourmand’ Restaurants, HaiSous. I still haven’t eaten at the restaurant yet, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. Specializing in Vietnamese coffee and cuisine, this cafe is serving you drinks, authentic banh mi sandwiches, pastries, and now CHICKEN WINGS all day (7am-Midnight). I went late night with friends the first time and I had the coconut bun and chicken banh mi. I was able to sample a chicken wing from my friends and they are so freaking delicious! The sauce they’re served with makes the dish. I honestly want to pour it over my whole life. Originally you couldn’t get the chicken wings and other hot dishes until after 5 pm. It’s my new goal to have chicken for breakfast one of these days now that they’ve answered our prayers. I went back days later for breakfast and had the Vietnamese coffee. I am new to coffee drinking, and this is my favorite so far. The coffee is imported and sat on top of egg custard. The result is a sweet drink that will leave you energized and ready for whatever tasks you’re tackling. I’ll eat here any time of day on any day of the week. I love it, I love it, I love it!

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