Diary 003: Back Out My Coma

It was my first day back in Chicago and Chrissy was already on my line saying that we should go to a birthday party for a mutual friend. After moving everything into my apartment by myself and putting it all together, I doubted I would still want to go but I was hopeful. I managed to pull it all together and get dressed by the time she arrived at my door. Full moons always do remarkable things to me and this time it was in Taurus, my sun sign. I had gotten so used to making excuses and saying no when it came to emerging from my solitude, but I was bathing in the moonlight and releasing all my anxiety and insecurities. You made it back to Chicago, bitch. REJOICE. This night was the start of an emotional transformation I had no idea I wanted but desperately needed.



One thing I struggle with a lot is communication. My throat chakra is always closed up. If you know me, you’re probably thinking, “Sunny, what are you saying? You never shut up.” This is true, but when it comes to being vocal about matters that pertain to my wants and needs I rarely speak up. When I did the Taurus full moon ritual last month, I released energy keeping me from being able to manifest due to my inability to speak it into existence. I experienced a major renewal. Lately, I ask for what I want and it shows up almost immediately. The Taurus full moon was also a great time for releasing financial blockages. It only took me two weeks to find the perfect job, with my ideal schedule and pay rate. I have tons of paid time off and vacation days. I had gotten so used to losing, I forgot what it felt like to win. I must say that it all started with GRATITUDE. Being grateful opened up the door, and I just ran right through it at full speed. I can’t go back now.

Then came Sagittarius season. I am a Sagittarius moon and I have been feeling this fire sign all up and through every aspect of my personality. I just keep saying, “I don’t know who this bitch is, but I like her.” Sagittarius season has a way of making you feel like a caterpillar bursting from a cocoon. My stint of hibernation ended with perfect timing and I emerged transformed. I hope this Sunny stays awhile. She’s so much fun.



With all this new energy swirling around me, I think the universe has been trying to remind me to stay humble. I can point out several instances when I became overly confident this past month. The universe tapped me on the shoulder and sent me messages to chill out faster than it manifested the things I became overly confident about. I lost my phone in a cab, but the driver returned it to me after two days. I had terribly bad phone karma in 2016 and I was sure this was the start of a new cycle. I was so relieved when he reached out to my emergency contact number. Thanks, Universe.

The funniest thing happened while we were at Rello’s Fat Tiger Works event for the launch of his new Vita collection. I knew hadn’t secured my wig tightly, but I was in such a rush to change because I had just gotten off work. I threw a bandana on and hoped for the best, a mistake of major proportions. Every time someone went to hug me, I could feel my wig slipping further back from my head. My friend Steve leaned in for the final tug and sure enough, my wig came off in the middle of the party. Old me would have been mortified but it’s not like it was some secret that I was wearing a wig. As it slid off my head, my jaw dropped and all I could say was, “Are you serious?” I honestly didn’t know what to do when I couldn’t get it back on my head discreetly. Luckily Courtney was a few feet away, and she rushed me outside so we could adjust. This new confidence allowed me to laugh at my embarrassment because I assure you had this been a month ago I would have immediately called an uber and never showed my face there again. I even told a few people who didn’t see what happened, and we all had a laugh.



November was amazing. Shoutout to friends. Shoutout to the moon. Shoutout to the Sagittariuses in their glow right now. I hope you all are feeling this energy as much as I am. Let’s end the year on a high note, and get ourselves prepared to usher in ambitious Capricorn.


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